Eileen Douglas in Kovno.  Photo credit: Ron Steinman

Eileen Douglas in Kovno. Photo credit: Ron Steinman

Chicago YIVO continues a new series of documentary films with a screening of MY GRANDFATHER’S HOUSE on Wednesday, July 8 at Skokie Public Library: 12:15 PM to 1:30.

Eileen Douglas travels to Kovno, Lithuania to learn more about her grandfather & the fate of the family he left behind when he fled to America.  Follow link to read review by Chicago YIVO member Jan Lisa Huttner in the WORLD JEWISH DIGEST.

NOTE: This new time replaces the screening that was cancelled on June 15th due to technical difficulties.  We have now obtained 2 new copies of the DVD, so no new difficulties are anticipated!!!

Chaikey & Frieda.

Chaikey & Frieda.

 Board Members Chaikey Greenberg & Frieda Landau (Chair of Annual Summer Festival) @ Skokie Public Library Screening. 

Photo Credit: Jan Lisa Huttner.


  1. indyretreats Says:

    i blogged today about the fate of kovno’s jews during the Holocaust in 1941, the title of the post is Holocaust encroaches kovno, lithuania…i hope you’ll take a moment to look at what i wrote and leave a comment

    Never Again!

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