Maria Krupoves Performance on Nov. 1

Post-Concert Dinner.

Krupoves Website Photo
Krupoves Website Photo

Vocal artist and folklorist Maria Krupoves is internationally acclaimed as a singer and interpreter of the folksongs of Central and Eastern Europe, especially those of her native Vilnius.  She has traveled extensively to find songs in Yiddish, Polish, Lithuanian, Belarussian, Gypsy (Roma), and more.  Multilingual herself, she sings her entire repertory in the original languages.  Her repertory of Yiddish songs includes some she herself recorded from Holocaust survivors.

Maria speaks Yiddish fluently and has published articles in Yiddish in the Forverts and in YIVO Yedies/YIVO News (New York).

Date: Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time: 1:30 PM

Location: Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

If you are a member of Chicago YIVO &/or a Museum member, click on link above to reserve your seat now thru the Museum website.  Space is limited!


Click HERE to listen to excerpts from Maria’s all-Yiddish CD Songs of the Vilna Ghetto.

Photos from post-concert dinner with members of the Chicago YIVO Board (hosted by Joan Levin):

Maria with Ernie & Joan.Maria with Alan & Jan.

Top Photo: Marilyn Golden, Jill & Alan Todres, Maria Krupoves, Joan Levin, Ernie Smolen, &  Frieda Landau. (by Jan)

Bottom Photos: Maria with Ernie Smolen & Joan Levin (by Jan); Maria with Alan Todres & Jan Huttner (by Joan).

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