Mazel Tov, Ethel!


Ethel & Her Mother.

Leyenkrayz member Ethel Peterson just won a prize for her painting Remembered in my mother’s handkerchief.

Later Impressions, a new exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center, is a juried show by senior artists from through-out the Metro Chicago area.  Ethel’s piece, Remembered in my mother’s handkerchief showing her four sisters and her mother in Poland in 1937, is a painting with Yiddish notes.

The painting will be on exhibit through Friday Dec 4th.  There is a reception this Sunday (Nov 15) from noon until 2 PM in the Renaissance Court Gallery at the Cultural Center.

Mazel Tov to Ethel from the members of Chicago YIVO!

Ethel Peterson's Canvas

Ethel's Fan Club

Fan Club from Left: Arlene Kaganove, Elisa Steinberg, Ethel, & Jan Lisa Huttner at Sunday reception (11/15/09). 

Click HERE to see SWAN Buttons (Support Women Artists Now).

One Response to “Mazel Tov, Ethel!”

  1. Elisa Says:

    Great picture and great exhibit. I feel honored to have been able to be there. Congratulations, Ethel !

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