Chicago Klezmer Ensemble


Kurt Bjorling

Chicago Klezmer Ensemble

When: June 15, 2010 @ 12:15 PM

Where: Northbrook Public Library

Founded in 1984 by clarinetist and music director Kurt Bjorling, the Chicago Klezmer Ensemble is one of the oldest and most respected groups to emerge from the recent revival of klezmer music. In addition to their two recordings, they appear on several anthologies and scholarly collections of klezmer music. The Chicago Klezmer Ensemble performs at festivals, concerts, and private functions, and CKE members have taught workshops and master classes throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe.While many klezmer revivalists see klezmer as strictly dance music, the CKE has distinguished itself by studying and developing the entire range of klezmer music, and in particular by renewing the klezmer repertoire of music for listening.

Kurt Bjorling Bio: Bjorling has been musical director of the Chicago Klezmer Ensemble since 1984 and he has also toured and recorded with the Klezmatics (New York). Kurt has composed two pieces for orchestra and soloists: in December 1991 he appeared as guest soloist with the Concordia Chamber Symphony at New York’s Lincoln Center, performing a “Suite of Yiddish Music,” which was commissioned from him for the occasion and in June 1998 his “Concertino on Klezmer Music Themes” was performed by the Huntington Symphony with members of the Cincinnati Klezmer Project. Kurt has taught music at the annual Yiddish Folk Arts Program sponsored by the YIVO Institute and Living Traditions, at the Multicultural Folk Arts Center’s klezmer music camp at Buffalo Gap, West Virginia, and at numerous European festivals and workshops including the annual Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow, Poland and the Jüddishe Kulturtage in Berlin, Germany. Kurt studied clarinet with Lloyd Scott, and with Larry Combs at Northwestern University. In addition to his involvement with Yiddish music, he has been active playing jazz, chamber music and various styles of ethnic folk music, as well as arranging and performing music for theater.

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