Jan Schwarz Wheeling


Love and Sex in Modern Yiddish Literature lecture presented by Jan Schwarz, Ph.D. (Lecturer at the University of Chicago).

When: Monday, June 28 2010 at 12:15 PM

Where: Indian Trails Public Library (Wheeling)

Phone Reservation Required: 847.459.4100

Featuring the writings of Sholem Aleichem, Y.L. Peretz, Dovid Bergelson, Mani Leib, and I.B. Singer

Bio: Jan Schwarz joined the department as Senior Lecturer in Yiddish Studies in 2006 following three years as lecturer in the Committee on Jewish Studies. His books include Imagining Lives: Autobiographical Fiction of Yiddish Writers (Wisconsin UP 2005) and The Golden Chain: An Anthology of Yiddish Literature (in Danish, Rhodos 1993). As a native of Denmark, he earned a Cand. Mag. in Scandinavian Studies and Comparative Literature at University of Copenhagen, and a Ph.D. in Yiddish Studies at Columbia University. Currently, he is working on a book entitled The Survivor Generation: Yiddish Writers Since the 1940s. He is the co-editor of POLIN 20: Studies in Polish Jewry (2007) devoted to the topic “Memorializing the Holocaust” one of several publications in the field of Holocaust Studies. He organized (with Professor Eric Selinger, DePaul University) of the conference Multilingual Jewish Literature and Multicultural America at U of C, November 8-9, 2007. The conference featured leading scholars in the fields of Jewish and American literary studies. As an experienced Yiddish teacher, he has published The Yiddish Teacher/Der yiddish lerer (2005) with his wife Rebecca Lillian, a dialogue sequence with CDs for beginners and intermediate students.

Source: University of Chicago

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