Aug 22 eVite


Filmmaker Lynn Roth invites you to a reception on Sunday evening Aug 22 immediately following the 7 PM screening of her film The Little Traitor.

Even though it ran for the entire month of June at the Landmark Renaissance,  the Highland Park Theatre decided to bring The Little Traitor back to metro Chicago for at least one more week because they had many requests.

Sunday screening times are 2 PM, 4:30 PM, & 7 PM.  Roth will be arriving from California in the late afternoon, so there will only be one Q&A (immediately after the 7 PM screening).

The reception will begin at 9 PM at a restaurant very close to the Highland Park Theatre.  Snacks and desserts will be available with a Cash Only bar.  (Sorry: Too late for full dinners.)

If you would like to meet Lynn Roth in person this Sunday, please request details from Chicago YIVO’s e-Maven at

Click HERE to read Tzivi’s review of The Little Traitor in the May ’10 issue of the  JUF News.

Alfred Molina with Ido Port.

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