CIFF Awards


Mazel Tov to Israeli filmmaker Avi Nesher, winner of a Silver Plaque at this year’s Chicago International Film Festival:

“Silver Plaque to The Matchmaker (Israel) for the lighthearted but touching way it describes a coming of age in an Israel torn between memory & desire.”

From my review: “…the film totally belongs to Adir Miller (who received a well-deserved Ophir Award from the Israel Film Academy)… All we really need to know about this man’s backstory is literally etched on his face, and Miller fills in the gaps with his body language.  His performance doesn’t dwell on what Holocaust survivors endured (both during AND after WWII), but rather shows us how they summoned the will to go on living.”

Click HERE to read my full review of The Matchmaker.

Click here for list of all 2010 Award-Winners: CIFF46Awards

Tuval Shafir with Ophir-winner Adir Miller.

 Photos courtesy of CIFF.

Chicago YIVO board member Jan Lisa Huttner is

the Arts & Culture critic for Chicago’s JUF News.

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