Kudos, Alan


Parting Words from Chicago YIVO’s

Longtime Leyenkrayz Leader Alan Todres

Dear Friends,

Just a few hours ago I could have said:

zayt nokh nit gezunt, ikh for nokh nit avek

But now, leyenkrayzniks, it’s really farewell and be well.

I’ve had a wonderful time leading the group on behalf of Chicago YIVO. I am especially grateful for the enrichment provided by the leyenkrayz members, who have such a diversity of backgrounds, life experiences, interests, and languages. As to languages, we have native (or near native) speakers of Yiddish, Polish, Hebrew, German, Russian, Lithuanian, …. With all of these talents around the table, even the most obscure passages have become thoroughly intelligible, and the texts have been subject to interesting comments and discussion, with great mutual benefit.

Especially helpful to our activities has been the use of digital Yiddish texts available on line (thanks go to the enthusiasts who have labored to achieve this), which makes for easy distribution by e-mail, with individuals able to print out their own copies and review them ahead of time. That started in full measure in January, 2009, and a list of the texts we covered from then through April 2011 can be found on the Chicago YIVO Society website. It’s a good start, but there’s a vast literature out there, so keep up the good work.

As Sholem Aleykhem wrote, in 1902:

abi me zol leyenen!

It’s great that Chicago YIVO has arranged for Khane-Faygl Turtletaub to take over the leadership of the leyenkrayz. Her first meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 12, 2011, from 12:00 noon until 1:45 p.m., at the usual venue. Khane-Faygl will contact you in due course with the details.

With best wishes,

Alan Todres

April 12, 2011

Click HERE to read our complete Summer Bulletin for 2011.

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