7/6/11 Update: Over 200 people laughed their heads off @ today’s Skokie Public Library screening of MY MEXICAN SHIVAH. Come to HWLC tomorrow & see why for yourself 🙂

Co-Sponsored by Chicago’s Alliance of Latinos & Jews

Date: July 6 (Wed)

Time: 12:15 PM

Where: Skokie Public Library

An Ashkenazi family in Mexico City celebrates shiva for its patriarch, who had a Gentile mistress many years younger than him. The family is dysfunctional—almost beyond belief. The deceased has brought together family, friends and former lovers who have side-splitting stories, conflicts and rivalries that are catalogued over the seven-day shiva mourning period. The film is a consistently entertaining and wacky cinematic experience!  (2007, 98 minutes.)

From Tzivi’s Spotlight in the JUF News:

My Mexican Shivah is an artful blend of farce and philosophy. People come to Moishe’s funeral obsessed with private problems, but as the yahrzeit candle melts away, immersion in Jewish ritual has a purifying effect… Most of the dialogue is in Spanish, but all of the prayers (which are numerous) are in Hebrew, and two elderly Hassids function as a Yiddish-speaking “Greek chorus.”

Click HERE to read complete review.

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