Yosl Rakover Mystery

“Yosl Rakover: The Mystery of a Holocaust Story”

Jeffry Mallow

Lecture by Professor Jeffry Mallow

Date: July 18 (Mon)

Time: 12:15 PM

Where: Evanston Public Library

Yosl Rakover’s Appeal to God, a story written in 1946, describes  a Jew in the the Warsaw Ghetto uprising who confronts God.

The story, a harsh indictment of Christianity, appears in both Yiddish and English, but the two versions differ.

Professor Jeffry Mallow of  Loyola University (Chicago) will describe his work with a Jesuit priest to resolve this mystery and address the indictments.

An English translation of Yossel Rakover’s Appeal to God can be found in Out of the Whirlwind: A Reader of Holocaust Literature.

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