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Anna Shteynshleyger Exhibit

December 22, 2009

From Tzivi’s January ’10 Spotlight in the JUF News: The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago will open a new exhibit featuring the work of photographer Anna Shteynshleyger on Sun, Jan 3.

Born in Moscow, Anna moved to the USA in ‘93 at age 16. She trained at Yale University and currently teaches at Columbia College Chicago. According to Hamza Walker, Director of Education, her goal as a photographer is “to look at what’s closest to her with critical distance.” This includes her many Orthodox friends, her grandmother’s apartment in Moscow, and even her ex-husband.

Anna will speak about her work at the opening, and four additional tie-in lectures have also been scheduled: Margaret Olin on Jan 21; Jan Schwarz on Jan 24; Leora Auslander on Feb 7; and Charles Bernstein on Feb 14 (closing day).

The Renaissance Society is located on the 4th floor of Cobb Hall (5811 South Ellis). For complete information, visit their website.

Jan Lisa Huttner (“Tzivi”) is the Arts & Culture critic for Chicago’s JUF News as well as a Chicago YIVO board member.

Mazel Tov, Ethel!

November 13, 2009

Ethel & Her Mother.

Leyenkrayz member Ethel Peterson just won a prize for her painting Remembered in my mother’s handkerchief.

Later Impressions, a new exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center, is a juried show by senior artists from through-out the Metro Chicago area.  Ethel’s piece, Remembered in my mother’s handkerchief showing her four sisters and her mother in Poland in 1937, is a painting with Yiddish notes.

The painting will be on exhibit through Friday Dec 4th.  There is a reception this Sunday (Nov 15) from noon until 2 PM in the Renaissance Court Gallery at the Cultural Center.

Mazel Tov to Ethel from the members of Chicago YIVO!

Ethel Peterson's Canvas

Ethel's Fan Club

Fan Club from Left: Arlene Kaganove, Elisa Steinberg, Ethel, & Jan Lisa Huttner at Sunday reception (11/15/09). 

Click HERE to see SWAN Buttons (Support Women Artists Now).

Visit Hull-House with “Rebecca Rubin”

August 26, 2009
From left: Hannah, Emma & Marissa at American Girl Place.

From left: Hannah, Emma & Marissa at American Girl Place.

From “Tzivi’s September ’09 Spotlight” in Chicago’s JUF News: I went to American Girl Place on Aug. 12 to watch kids make “charity boxes” (in Hebrew “Tzedakah Boxes” and in Yiddish “Pushke Boxes”) in honor of the new “Rebecca Rubin” doll.

The next tie-in event is a trip to the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum on Monday, Sept. 7. According to Marketing Manager Adrienne Clarke, “Rebecca’s story focuses on a period in American history when millions of immigrants came through Ellis Island seeking new opportunities. We want to bring America’s ‘melting pot’ to life in partnership with Chicago’s Jane Addams Hull-House Museum.”

The schedule includes brunch at the American Girl Place Café, a bus ride to Hull-House, and related craft projects after the tour.  Click HERE to visit the website & make reservations today!

Click HERE for more information about American Girl’s new “Rebecca Rubin” doll.

Click HERE to read more about Pushke Boxes in the Forward.  Click HERE to order Pushke Boxes you can make at home.  Click HERE for some lovely ornamental options.

Click HERE to learn more about the book I Came a Stranger written by a Jewish woman named Hilda Satt Polachek who worked at Hull-House with Jane Addams.


Book 3 of 6 in "Rebecca Rubin" series.

Book 3 of 6 in "Rebecca Rubin" series.

Photo Credit: Dorthea Juul

Photo Credit: Dorthea Juul

Book jacket courtesy of American Girl.  All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credit of Girls: Jan Lisa Huttner (8/12/09)

Photo of Jan Lisa Huttner after Hull-House Tour (9/7/09)

Meyer July Exhibit in NYC

August 8, 2009


Courtesy of the Jewish Museum

Courtesy of the Jewish Museum





“They Call Me Meyer July,” an exhibit related the documentary film SHTETL (screened by Chicago YIVO on June 15th), is now on display at the Jewish Museum  in Manhattan.